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Backlight or Tinted Display

Does it have a back-light or a tinted display? Yes, there is a difference.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at your display and wondering if you have a back-lit or tinted display. First thing is that when you purchased your exercise equipment did you check to see if it was back-lit or tinted, this may have only been an option if there was a display model for you to review. Did your console display, not the display model at the store, ever light when you first assembled it? If it did not, then you most likely have a tinted display. And finally, can you read the display clearly? If you can then you are in great shape.

There is one major difference between back-lit and tinted displays. Back-light displays have LED’s that cause the screen to light up, and tinted do not. Tinted displays just have a colored sheet inside the display, and no light.