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Removing Your Motor Hood

Working inside your treadmill or incline trainer today? You will need to remove your motor hood.  Whenever working on your exercise equipment make sure that you have unplugged it from the wall.

Now that you have unplugged it, we can get into the actual removal of the motor hood. The exact steps are a little different depending on the model of treadmill or incline trainer you have purchased. The specific instructions for each individual treadmill or incline trainer can be found in the¬†User’s Manual.

Some EXAMPLES of possible screw locations are shown below:


There may be some screws under the Belly Pan. This will require that you fold your treadmill into the storage position and then lay it down onto the floor by pivoting the treadmill down to rest on the handlebars.



Some Motor Hoods require that they pivot off of the frame. You may not be able to lift it straight up to remove it.



It may be easier to raise the incline a little to gain access to some of the screws that are otherwise hidden.



These examples do not show all of the locations of the screws that may be necessary to remove your Motor Hood. For the locations of the screws specific to your treadmill or incline trainer remember to look at the Troubleshooting section of your User’s Manual.